Private Sessions

Alexis Maron, M.A., RDT

Alexis Maron, M.A., RDT

A private Drama Therapy session looks different for each client based upon their ultimate goal. For example, a client may come in with goals of increasing self esteem, combating anxiety and depression, decreasing social anxiety, or becoming more engaging.

With those goals in mind, we might utilize any of the following Drama Therapy techniques: embodied role play, psychodrama, poetry, personal monologues, mask work, or even puppetry. By using these and other specialized dramatic techniques, the client is given the chance to move around physically in the space, releasing endorphins and positive energy. This form of creating movement within the body often induces an immediate sense of accomplishment.

These techniques provide the client with:

  • Tools to promote healthy self esteem and decrease social anxiety

  • Coping mechanisms when life feels unbalanced

  • Embodied techniques to reduce stress Body/Mind awareness

A one on one approach with the Drama Therapist leaves clients feeling witnessed, honored, seen and heard. Since the Drama Therapist is just as engaged as the client, it helps reduce feelings of loneliness, and one-sidedness in a session that can sometimes occur with talk therapy alone. 

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“What sets Alexis apart is her undeniable curiosity and compassion for all of those whom she touches in her path. She is flexible in her approach and techniques, utilizing verbal and action methods to meet a variety of needs. Her willingness to engage with the darkness and sorrow of past stories, while
simultaneously inspiring hope and joy, is a gift to the individuals, families and groups she works with. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
— Christine Mayor, M.A., RDT Clinician, Post Traumatic Stress Center Associate Editor, Drama Therapy Review (Official Peer-reviewed Journal of the North American Drama Therapy Association)