Drama Therapy Within A Treatment Center

For many treatment center clients, the degree of ailments can range from immediate issues of debilitating drug and alcohol addictions, to long-standing and chronic traumas such as childhood sexual abuse or infidelity within a relationship. Clients within treatment centers have reported feeling more engaged and focused during Drama Therapy groups which they stated caused them to attend additional therapy sessions. Also, clients in several studies have reported that they created stronger interpersonal bonds with other center clients after attending a Drama Therapy group, which attributed to an overall higher satisfaction rate of the center. 

Drama Therapy can be used in this setting in a variety of ways, from group work to individual sessions to family sessions, all focusing on tapping into the hidden memories that can be stored within our bodies, and providing them with a platform to release those memories. For many clients, numbing themselves from their core issues for so long has made traditional therapy a difficult challenge in their attempt to to reconnect with themselves and their families. Drama therapy has shown to be an effective tool in being able to re-connect the mind and body so important healing can begin.

In a treatment center, any of these Drama Therapy techniques may be employed: 

  • Role-Reversal Exercises

  • Story Telling

  • Psychodrama (Re-living an unresolved moment)

  • Improvisation

  • Poetry

  • Sand Play

  • Mask-Work (Clients utilize masks to separate emotion from the body)

  • "Defeating the Monster" re-creation techniques.


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“Alexis is a gentle and kind therapist who has what I call a therapeutic personality. She is able to challenge her clients to work toward solving their problems. She is able to tolerate conflict and to hold a client’s feelings firmly and calmly. Her knowledge of drama therapy practice is first-rate.”
— Dr. Robert Landy, LCAT, RDT/BCT Director and Founder of the Drama Therapy Program at NYU