Sex Therapy with Alexis Maron - MA, RDT

As a Sex Therapist in Orange County, there are many reasons why couples and individuals come to me for help. Whatever the reason, however, all of my clients are given the individual attention their issues deserve, and are not just placed into a 'category' of sex therapy. We are all unique in our sexuality, with individual desires and difficulties and needs.

The concept of coming to someone to discuss their sexuality with a therapist may be difficult. You may be confused as to what questions to ask. For some clients, thoughts are difficult to express andthey even fear that they may not be 'normal'. The important thing is to relax and understand that when talking with me, it is a 100% judgement-free space. One of the first things I always tell my clients is that none of us are normal, we are all different, and that includes sex! There are no questions or anything that is "off limits" - whatever your issue, we can work on it together!

Common Sexual Therapy Issues and How I Can Help

Many of the things that my clients come to me about are: 

  • Couples - Intimacy, lack of excitement, different sex drives, recovering after an affair

  • Difficulty / inability to achieve orgasm (Both Women and Men)

  • Difficulty maintaining an erection*

  • Body and image issues

  • Sex Addiction, Love Addiction and Porn Addiction

  • Sexual abuse and assault - Whether as an adult or as a child

  • Alternative lifestyle/kink - Swinging, open relationships

  • LGBT concerns and related issues - Am I Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transgender? What does this mean to me? How do I tell my family? How can I tell my current partner how I feel?

  • Use of adult toys and other products that enhance your sex life

  • And much more

At the Center for Healthy Sex, where I am a regular speaker, I talk often about the effectiveness of Drama Therapy on such things as sexual addiction and intimacy. Drama Therapy can help with identifying what many things that could be affecting your sex life, by using techniques that allow you to carefully look into your past, facing events that happened in the past or that have not yet happened, re-imagining your future with less fear.

For more technical aspects of sex, we can discuss intimacy issues, difficulty achieving orgasm,  the use of toys and other items to enhance your sex life and much more.

This is a clip from a recent webinar I gave with the Center for Healthy Sex that highlights one of the techniques I use when working with my clients.


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Good Words

“Alexis is an amazing teacher and such an easy person to talk to about sex. My husband and I were not very experienced when we got married and never really understood how important communication was or how to communicate. Now we know and our sex life has never been better. Thank you, Alexis!”
— "Melissa & Brett" - Husband/Wife Client

More Videos

Another lecture that I presented at the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles CA on how I treat clients with love and sex addictions:


*I always want to establish that your sexual issue is not primarily a physical one. Many issues such as erectile dysfunction, or experiencing pain during sex may be caused by a physical health issue, and should be addressed by talking with your Doctor. It is important to consult with your physician about any issue you have that is affecting you physically, even if you believe it is something that we can discuss.