Good Words from Wonderful People

“Alexis is a gentle and kind therapist who has what I call a therapeutic personality. She is able to challenge her clients to work toward solving their problems. She is able to tolerate conflict and to hold a client’s feelings firmly and calmly. Her knowledge of drama therapy practice is first-rate.”
— Dr. Robert Landy, LCAT, RDT/BCT Director and Founder of the Drama Therapy Program at NYU
“One of Ms. Maron’s greatest strengths is her ability to engage people, to completely draw them in, to completely involve them in the process. Once she has the clients in a group, she is equipped with a wealth of drama therapy techniques to keep her participants actively involved in the group process. She is an A+ therapist and a joyful human being.”
— Nancy Sondag, MA, RDT/BCT, LCAT, CDP
“I have worked with Alexis in the context of a multi-family group. She is a talented and dynamic psychodrama facilitator. She has a way of making people feel instantly comfortable. Her work is very powerful not only in healing wounds, but bringing families together.”
— Lisa Kaplan, LMFT
“What sets Alexis apart is her undeniable curiosity and compassion for all of those whom she touches in her path. She is flexible in her approach and techniques, utilizing verbal and action methods to meet a variety of needs. Her willingness to engage with the darkness and sorrow of past stories, while
simultaneously inspiring hope and joy, is a gift to the individuals, families and groups she works with. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
— Christine Mayor, M.A., RDT Clinician, Post Traumatic Stress Center Associate Editor, Drama Therapy Review (Official Peer-reviewed Journal of the North American Drama Therapy Association)
“Alexis has the understanding and ability to assess the needs of a group, as well as, its individuals and plans sessions accordingly. She knows how to create a safe and engaging play space that offers the participants a chance to practice needed social and emotional skills in a supportive environment. In addition, Alexis understands the importance of reflection and habitually considers the behavioral indicators of the participants in order to evaluate the session and plan for future groups.”
— Emilie Ward, MA, RDT, LCAT
“Alexis Maron is a graduate of the Program in Drama Therapy at New York University. She has a strong interest in how roles manifest in our relationships, get enacted in relationships, and can be best understood and expanded through re-enactment in a safe space. Her dramatic work helps participants to examine not only the roles played in life but also the roles that are aspired to. Dramatic role play leads participants to a greater understanding of personal role systems and a more balanced relational well being.”
— Maria Hodermarska MA,RDT,LCAT Master Teacher of Drama Therapy New York University
Alexis did a great job putting all of us women together to learn some valuable stuff about ourselves, and about some remarkable ladies, I felt very comfortable with everyone knowing we were all being authentic and more. Thank you for providing the workshop platform to better ourselves. I look forward to your next workshop!
— Lisa Caprelli, Author/Motivational Speaker
Alexis is an amazing beautiful soul. She is an incredibly insightful & perspective therapist.
I am beyond thankful for Alexis’ teachings, the WHOLE course was mind-blowing in a positive way. The best part was, I’ve learned more about myself without her really saying anything. It was her creative activities that helped us all, including the ladies who attended (which I would like to add, we all connected so beautifully), for whatever purpose brought us there, find our breakthrough to move forward.
Alexis has also helped my 19 year old son as well, overcome his struggles with life. Now, he hires her for Life Coaching, which I am so very thankful for.
— Susan Perry, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

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