As a Drama Therapist, I combine therapy and counseling with dramatic elements such as role-playing and improvisation into each session, so that my client's can actively see and believe in their ability to change. By doing that, my clients can see the results in real-time, and physically connect with their emotions, all in a safe, honest and comforting space.

In several studies, drama therapy has been shown to increase the effectiveness of traditional therapy by up to 70%  when utilized in couples counseling, depression and anxiety counseling, teen behavior counseling, drug and alcohol addiction counseling and more.

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How can Drama Therapy help you?

Marriages and Couples

Drama Therapy has become one of the most cutting-edge and effective methods of couples counseling for helping all generations communicate better, grow stronger, and even repair from painful events such as infidelity.

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Breaking Free From Depression

The feelings of freedom from anxiety and control of their depression are two of the most common experiences people describe after participating in Drama Therapy. By finding the core issues, clients can learn to let go. 

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Special Needs And Other Groups

Groups ranging from adults with down syndrome, children battling life threatening illnesses, geriatric facilities and veterans can all benefit from the unique group-interaction and positive benefits of Drama Therapy.

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Overcoming Addictions

Recovery from drug, alcohol or other addiction is not an easy path. That's why Drama Therapy's proven effectiveness in breaking the addiction cycle and helping create lasting sobriety is changing lives.

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 "Alexis has pushed us to have closure with the things of the past and learn to walk in the things of the future...thank you Alexis for helping my husband and I to grow in our marriage."
Magan A. -

Congressional Place, Seal Beach/Long Beach border

Congressional Place, Seal Beach/Long Beach border

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My primary office is located in Costa Mesa, across the street from Triangle Square, at the end of the 55 freeway. There, it is conveniently located and only a short drive from Irvine, Tustin, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Buena Park, Long Beach and other surrounding Orange County areas. In addition, I am seeing clients at my secondary location in Seal Beach, at the Congressional Place Building on PCH.

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Taking a different and creative approach to the old idea of
"The Couch"

From family relationships, personal struggles, post-traumatic stress and memories that have lasted a lifetime, Drama Therapy can often provide solutions for many situations where traditional therapy hasn't. 
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“What sets Alexis apart is her undeniable curiosity and compassion for all of those whom she touches in her path... her willingness to engage with the darkness and sorrow of past stories, while simultaneously inspiring hope and joy, is a gift to the individuals, families and groups she works with.”
— Christine Mayor, M.A., RDT | Associate Editor, Drama Therapy Review

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